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Celestial Body Series

A set of images created in the midst of lockdown, meant to invoke healing and inspiration in times of hopelessness. Digital drawing, limited edition of 50 prints available here.

Wandering Waves

A public art installation at The Bass Museum's Windows Project

Nicole Salcedo’s methodical, yet intuitive mark-making visualizes amorphous concepts like cosmic energy, one’s inherent connectedness to Nature and the oscillation of Universal forces. Salcedo’s art takes form in rhythmic and organic lines on paper or cloth that conjure real and imagined landscapes, and often include figures that represent an androgenized spirit of Nature. Charting the wavelengths of invisible energy pulsing through the world, these works can resemble microcosms and ecosystems of life.

Salcedo makes visible unseen networks—akin to root systems—that connect human beings to all life forms. Global events like pandemics often illuminate the existence and necessity of these invisible relationships, revealing a sense of natural entanglement between human beings, landscapes, bodies of water and even the stars. Wandering Waves is an invitation to contemplate humanity’s relationship to this spirit of entanglement. The ink-marked tapestry is a recording of this sense of connectivity, a wandering into a subtle trance, using brushes, twigs, pinecones and other plant-derived objects as materials for mark making.

Most Beloved

A solo exhibition at The Art Base, Basalt CO


Most Beloved is an installation of works on paper, fabric, and wallpaper that are each recorded acts of devotion to an unknowable but deeply cherished “Beloved"—the artist’s interpretation of the life-giving power within all things. With this body of work, Nicole explores the oscillation of energy between “Lover” and the “Beloved” through line work, repeated patterns and symbols.

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