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Numina Series

Numina, the plural form of “numen,” is a Latin word meaning “divine presence,” “divine will,” or simply divinity.


Art’s capacity as a healing modality is the focus of this series of work, which references the manifold ways various religious and folk traditions have used imagery to induce a connection to the divine. Each piece is fashioned to act as a portal or guide, bringing the viewer closer to that which requires attention and healing within their own body, mind, and spirit.


Through both this intention and the ethereal self-portraits themselves, Salcedo openly displays her own journey of spiritual and self-development.The oil stick on paper-based rainbow color palette stems from the different frequencies of each energy center within the body (commonly referred to as “chakras”), which she further translates into etched figurative positions and repetitious patterning meant to encourage a hypnotic introspective state. 

Oil stick on paper, 26" x 77" 

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